Recipe: Mushroom, Spinach and Rosemary “Omelet”

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Ok, I know, it looks like a pancake. But trust me, the garbanzo bean flour in this “omelet” definitely has more the texture and taste of an egg omelet as opposed to a floury pancake.

This recipe came to be thanks to a tremendous amount of jealousy. I was out to lunch with a friend, and she ordered the most delicious looking and smelling rosemary flatbread with roasted mushrooms. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting over not being able to eat gluten-laden goodies, but even several days later, I was still craving that flatbread. So, in an all-out attempt to put those flavors into something I could eat, I created this “omelet.”

I had it with a salad for lunch, but I could easily see it as a savory breakfast or brunch item, too. The “omelet” would pair well with a Spanish sofrito or Italian-inspired sweet potato hash.


1/4 cup garbanzo bean flour

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup sliced mushrooms

1/4 cup baby spinach

1 tablespoon finely chopped rosemary

1 teaspoon salt

Oil spray or oil of choice


Preheat a skillet under low-medium heat, and spray or add a small amount of oil. Combine garbanzo bean flour, water, mushrooms, spinach, rosemary and salt in a small bowl. Mix until the batter is smooth and the vegetables are well incorporated. When the skillet is hot, pour in the batter like you were making one large pancake. Let the “omelet” cook until the top side appears firm. (This is very important or else it will fall apart when you try and flip it.) Once the top looks firm, flip it over and cook the other side about five minutes. You want each side to be a nice, golden brown, so if you need to cook the other side more, you may need to flip it over again. Serve immediately when it’s done.

Makes one giant “omelet”.

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