In the Kitchen: Using Frozen Bread

Whether you buy already frozen bread, or freeze your own to preserve it, there are a few things I have learned about thawing and reheating frozen bread. 

Cooking 101: Guide to Protein Powders

Getting enough protein can be a struggle for many vegans; however, finding a suitable gluten-free and vegan protein powder isn’t that easy. Here’s a run-down of my favorites and ones to avoid.

Cooking 101: Using frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables have a bad reputation for being bland, low quality and less nutrient dense than their fresh counterparts. However, when prepared correctly, frozen veggies can be delicious and nutritious, and allow you make a homemade meal in minutes. 

In the Kitchen: My Pantry Staples

There are a several items I have to have in my pantry… or else it’s time to make a grocery store run.

In the Kitchen: My Must-Have Kitchen Tools

I try to use as few pots, pans, knives, and the like when I cook to limit the amount of time I spend on clean-up afterwards. But there are a few kitchen tools that I cannot live without.