Travel Destination: Washington D.C.

There’s a plethora of restaurants in Washington D.C., and so maybe it’s no big shock that many are celiac- and vegan-friendly. However, on my first trip to the nation’s capital, I’m was extremely impressed with my options and the delicious food I enjoyed.

Recipe: Weeknight Cheddar Style Mac & Cheez

Making plant-based macaroni and cheese is usually a labor of love. Most recipes will have you soaking cashews, peeling potatoes, and pureeing a bunch of vegetables. But fear not! This simple and delicious mac & cheez can be prepared in 15 minutes or less – and there’s no prep required!

Restaurant Review: Cardamom, Ann Arbor

Indian may be my absolute favorite cuisine at the moment and one of my favorite spots around my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is Cardamom. Cardamom’s menu proclaims “Fresh Indian” – and that’s exactly what you get fresh ingredients, made fresh, and incredibly delicious.

Travel Destination: Disney World 2019 Update – Part II

My review of the magical experience I had dining at Disney World this year continues. Have I mentioned how much I love Disney?

Travel Destination: Disney World 2019 Update – Part I

Another year, another week of celebrating my birthday, and another Disney World dining update. Once again, the 2019 edition contains my reviews of visits to old favorites, along with new restaurants that I discovered were more than capable of handling gluten-free and vegan eaters. I’m happy to report it seems like restaurants – in what has always been one of the best places to travel with specialty diets – are even more prepared to cater to celiacs and plant-based patrons alike.

Restaurant Review: Paesano Restaurant & Wine Bar

My new hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, boasts a vibrant and eclectic food scene. You can find a good spot for whatever ethnic cuisine you’re craving or indulge in an award-winning fine dining establishment or good ole pub. Ann Arbor really has it all. So, which among these reigns supreme? For me, Paesano Restaurant & Wine Bar gets my vote for best overall food, service, setting and knowledge and accommodations for people with food allergies and specialty diets.

Recipe: Okra and Squash Curry

Have you ever tried okra? It’s one of my new favorite ingredients, and the star of this easy curry recipe.

Product Review: Soupergirl Soups

One night I was watching Shark Tank and saw a vegan soup company trying to get one of the sharks to make a deal. That company, Soupergirl, was able to get a shark investment, and their pitch was enough to make me place an order, too.

Restaurant Review: Coast, Oceanfront Dining

Disney is excellent handling food allergies. Restaurants stock allergy-friendly foods and chefs know how to prepare them safely. I thought this was a unique Disney attribute. Then I found Coast, and enjoyed a delicious dinner, made by an allergen-train chef, right on the ocean. 

Travel Destination: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Even in the seafood and southern barbecue-heavy restaurant scene, there are many great gluten-free and vegan-friendly places on Hilton Head Island. After not visiting for a few years, I was excited to rediscover old favorites and try out many new places during my recent trip.