Product Review: Soupergirl Soups

One night I was watching Shark Tank and saw a vegan soup company trying to get one of the sharks to make a deal. That company, Soupergirl, was able to get a shark investment, and their pitch was enough to make me place an order, too.

I love soup. I eat it almost everyday for lunch. It’s warm and comforting, and can be a hearty meal in itself. Lentil soups are a particular favorite, and I judge many restaurants based on their lentil soup. Since making soup can take a while, I rarely make soup myself. Instead, I rely on many different retailers, including Russell Street Deli, a Detroit company that sells quarts of soup at local Whole Foods, and Splendid Spoon, a New York City-based business , which ships its gluten-free and plant-based bowls and smoothies nationwide.

While I love these soups, I’m constantly on the lookout for new soups (and flavors!) to try. So, when I saw Soupergirl on Shark Tank, I immediately googled them to find out more about them, their vegan soups and ordering process.

Based in Washington D.C., Soupergirl sources much of its vegetables from nearby farms. The company makes all their soups from scratch with nutritious, good-for-you ingredients. As would be expected, Soupergirl has a seasonally inspired menu of soups that are available at any given time. These soups either protein-packed with beans or lentils or are considered  Whole30, meaning they emphasize whole foods without grains, legumes or soy, among other things. They can be eaten as part of a soup cleanse or as part of your daily routine.

In terms of ordering, you can purchase the 12-oz soups in predesigned 12 or 20 packs, or create your own bundles based on available offerings. For fall, many of the soups feature sweet potato, butternut squash and pumpkin. Flavors include Gingered Sweet Potato, Pumpkin and Mushroom Bisque, and and Italian Bean and Squash.

I chose to do the one-time delivery, mini custom bundle of 12 soups, which costs $99. (I used the Shark Tank promo code to get percentage off.) I really appreciate the customization option, as several of the soups contain coconut milk – an ingredient that doesn’t always sit well with my tummy. In addition, the ordering system lets you select from a range of delivery dates, so you can pick a time that works best for you.

The soups are shipped overnight and mine arrived frozen solid, although it wasn’t exactly warm outside. Soupergirl packages the soups well, and despite a damaged box, all the containers were unharmed. Each order comes with instructions for the souping days as well as how to store the soups. They can be refrigerated until the date stamped on the soup containers or can be frozen for up to nine months.

Overall, I enjoyed the taste and variety of the soups. The Pumpkin and Mushroom bisque was the biggest surprise. I didn’t know how well the flavors would mesh together, but it turned out to be a nice light vegetable soup. Another one of my favorites was the Split Pea Mint. This soup actually reminded me a lot of Splendid Spoon’s new Green Split Pea soup, which features tarragon, and was quite delicious. Finally, I really liked the Mexican Style Black Bean.

Based on this great first experience, I will definitely order from Soupergirl again. Quality food plus a company with a good sense of purpose and core values is a total win.

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