Product Review: Splendid Spoon’s Plant-based Bowls

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These nourishing soups are all gluten-free, vegan, and fantastic, and make for a quick-and-convenient meal or base for one of my personal creations. 

I have been eating Splendid Spoon’s plant-based bowls for almost a year now, and the company continues to turn out new and exciting varieties that tantalize my tastebuds and inspire creative recipe ideas. According to their website, there are now more than 30 soup recipes that the weekly menu rotates through with new ones in the works.

Splendid Spoon was designed to be a soup cleanse, and the soups come in two varieties. There are the drinkables, which come in 15.5 oz bottles, and the hearty pints, which come in microwavable 16 oz. containers. You can order “The Program”, and get four drinkables and five pints. On your “cleanse” day, you are supposed to have the four drinkables plus one pint, and swap the remaining pints for lunch during the four other workdays. The other option to order is “The Swap”, which contains just five pints meant to be swapped out for weekly lunches.

I have never done an actually cleanse day. I use the soups as part of my lunches and dinners. A few of the soups contain soy and gluten-free oats (that I cannot have) and the company has always been more than willing to switch any flavors on their weekly menu out for flavors I can eat. They also recently reworked their soup ordering system to allow customers to select the flavors they want to receive to better cater to customers dietary specifics and personal preferences.

FullSizeRender (4)My favorite of the drinkable varieties are the eggplant tahini (amazing with falafel as photoed ), cauliflower coconut, celery plant, and carrot turmeric elixir. I make the cauliflower coconut, which has navy beans and curry powder in it, with cauliflower rice and some sort of leafy green mixed in to increase its heartiness.

Of the hearty pints, my favorites seem to change on a weekly basis because there are so many good flavors. I’ve found I prefer ordering the pints because the soups are already very filling and more satisfying than the drinkables. A few awesome ones include: Ikarian Stew (mainly tomato, fennel and black-eyed peas), cumin sweet potato (creamed with cashews and cilantro), broccoli hempseed (imagine a healthy and vegan cream of broccoli), and beans and greens (black beans, pinto beans, spinach and bok choy).

Besides making awesome soups, Splendid Spoon is an equally as awesome company. They package everything in recyclable containers and come wrapped in cardboard cases with inspiring quotes on them, the soups themselves are made with non-GMO and locally-sourced vegetables, and the customer service department is super helpful and friendly.

I must say I have not loved all their soups… I do not care too much for beets or coconut milk and those ingredients tend to show up in a lot of their flavors. Due to making the soups in small batches, I have also noticed a little inconsistency with the soups. Sometimes the bowls are bean-heavy and other times they have more veggies and broth and not many beans. Similarly, the seasoning is usually always great, but occasionally requires a little tweaking on my part.

Another thing I love about Splendid Spoon’s plant-based bowls are my ability to make cool recipes out of them. For example, I use the beans and greens as a sort of pot pie by topping it with mashed cauliflower or potatoes. Or add things like cauliflower rice or zoodles to the drinkables to larger meals out of them.

The soups are not cheap, but I think the quality makes them worth the price. Overall, I would highly recommend Splendid Spoon for anyone who’s looking for pre-prepared meals that are good and good-for-you. And most importantly, gluten-free and vegan!


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