Recipe: Crunchy Breaded Eggplant Steaks

FullSizeRenderNo bread? No eggs? No problem. These tasty eggplant steaks are covered in ground chickpeas to give them a hearty, gluten-free and vegan crunch. 

Restaurant Review: Vintage Chophouse

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With arguable the best view of any restaurant in the Petoskey/ Bay Harbor area, Vintage Chophouse is also able to safely and deliciously accommodate gluten-free and vegan eaters. 

Travel Destination: Boyne City/ Petoskey area, Mich.


Since I’ll be heading Up North for the holiday weekend, I thought I’d share my favorite gluten-free and vegan restaurants for anyone else making the journey up I-75 in Northern Michigan.

Recipe: Veggie Pizza Fakeout


You need crust, sauce, and cheese to satisfy your pizza craving, right? Not always. While it may not look like pizza, this healthy fakeout has all the flavors of pizza without using any of those ingredients. 

Product Review: Q-Cups

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Think it takes 30 minutes to make quinoa? Think again. Q-cups can go from cup to plate in six minutes or less without sacrificing too much flavor or texture. 

Recipe: Black Bean and Kale Chili with Roasted Sweet Potato Spears

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Pairing roasted sweet potatoes with this spicy veggie-packed chili enables the perfect balance of sweet to heat that makes your tastebuds tingle with delight.

Restaurant Review: Anita’s Kitchen

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There’s a reason why this modern Lebanese cafe has nearly five stars on– almost every entree on its menu can be prepared gluten free. And to top it off, there are a plethora of vegan options, too.

Product Review: Bread Srsly

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I have mentioned the brand in about three different blog posts already, so here’s my review of this delicious gluten-free and vegan sourdough bread. Finally, bread I can eat that I LOVE!

In the Kitchen: Using Frozen Bread

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Whether you buy already frozen bread, or freeze your own to preserve it, there are a few things I have learned about thawing and reheating frozen bread. 

Recipe: Easy Lentil and Tomato Bake


Chilly, rainy spring days call for steaming, comforting casseroles, and this quick-and-easy lentil and tomato bake is just that.