Product Review: The Republic of Tea’s Tea

cup of cinnamon orange tea

Most tea is gluten free. But not all teas are certified gluten-free, and most of The Republic of Tea’s teas are. Most are also organic and delicious. They have tons of flavors! Pretty much any flavor combination you can think of they have. Even trendy teas like turmeric and matcha (green) or lifestyle teas like Get Relaxed and Get Burning (green rooibos) are available. Orange Ginger Mint tea (herbal) has been a longtime favorite of mine, and they have recently introduced a line of red teas (rooibos) that I love. I even use the Good Hope Vanilla and Cinnamon Orange red teas in place of water when I make muffins. And for Downtown Abbey lovers like me, they have a line inspired by the television show, which includes a Christmas tea, Bate’s Brambleberry tea and Lady Cora’s Evening Tea. I’ve only tried the Christmas tea (made of fine black tea, cinnamon, natural flavors, cloves, licorice root and apple bits), but I thought it was quite good. Many of their tea flavors come already packaged in individual bags, which I like, although they have many loose teas as well. I highly recommend The Republic of Tea’s tea for the assurance that the gluten-free certification gives you, and for the quality and taste of the teas.

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